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Just 10 miles from the city, the mountains rise to great colourful escarpment, formed along a fault zone with peaks over 8,000 feet, and including huge cliffs and ravines composed of bands of grey, white and red rock, all heavily eroded. The wide empty plains beneath the hills are studded with Joshua trees and other desert plants, contributing to a most impressive spectacle.

At the time of construction, Hoover Dam was the largest in the world and it is still an amazing structure and a marvel of engineering - a huge wall of concrete 660 feet thick at the base and 726 feet high set between the walls of Black Canyon with its associated strangely-angled pylons, wires and machinery. In 1955, the Dam was selected as one of the Seven Modern Engineering Wonders in the USA by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Red is the dominant color, of an undulating landscape with petrified dunes, strangely-shaped rocks and sandstone cliffs set amongst an empty, very scenic region near the north end of Lake Mead; the drive to the area from the south (state road SSR167) passes buckled, layered cliffs and desert plains, often quite colorful, and with the blue waters of Lake Mead often visible to the east, but the valley is the most unusual place. It is one of the most colorful locations in the Southwest, especially at sunset when the rocks glow deep red and do indeed seem to be ablaze when seen from a distance. The landscape is made more striking by the surrounding black hills of sombre appearance.

The Fremont Street Experience is an exciting pedestrian promenade located in the neon center of Las Vegas, surrounded by ten casino/hotels.Since opening in December 1995, the much-anticipated Fremont Street Experience has "turned up the wattage" in downtown Las Vegas every night with spectacular computer generated Light and Sound shows. The components of the Fremont Street Experience Light and Sound show constitute a modern technological and engineering marvel, the only one of its kind found anywhere in the world.