Alan Dixon
  • U.S. National Professional Latin Finalists
  • Two British Open Professional Rising Star Champions
  • Two time "International Championships" Professional *Rising Star Champion
  • Four U.S. Open Rising Star Champions
  • "International Championships" Professional Rising Star runner-up

Alan Dixon

Albina Habrle

Albina Habrle

Ms. Albina Habrle is known as an eleven time undefeated Fred Astaire Professional Open Rhythm Champion, a World Professional Open Rhythm Vice Champion, a four time World Professional Rhythm Finalist, and a three time US Professional Open Rhythm Finalist. After completion of her career as a professional competitor, she has now moved on to become a world renowned coach, adjudicator and franchise owner.

  • 2008 U.S. National Professional Latin Finalist
  • 2008 Open to the world U.S Open Latin Finalist
  • 2008 Blackpool Rising Star Latin Finalist
  • 2008 UK Rising Star Latin Finalist
  • 2008 International Grand Ball Latin Champion
  • 2007 U.S National Professional Latin Finalist
  • 2004 USA Rising Star Latin Champions
  • 2003 Blackpool Rising Star Latin Finalist
  • 1998 U.S. National Amateur Youth Ballroom Champion and Representative to the World


Anna Trebunskaya is a Russian born American professional ballroom and Latin dancer, known for her appearances on Dancing with the Stars. She now lives in Los Angeles and dances in the International Latin style.

Bree Watson
  • 2009 Emerald Ball Rhythm Champions
  • 2009 U. S. National Rhythm Championship 3rd Place
  • 2009 World Rhythm Championship 2nd Place
  • 2009 World Rhythm Show Dance Champions
  • 2010 Emerald Ball Rhythm Champions
  • 2010 U.S. National Rhythm Championship 2nd Place
  • 2010 World Rhythm Champions
  • 2010 World Rhythm Show Dance Champions
  • 2011 Emerald Ball Rhythm Champions
  • 2011 U.S. National Rhythm Champions

Bree Watson

Bree Watson was born in Savannah, Georgia and began dancing ballet and tap at the age of two. She strengthened her background at the North Carolina School of Performing Arts. Her introduction to the ballroom dance world started in 2002 in the Theatre Arts division. She quickly decided she preferred to have her feet on the ground and went in search of a partner in the American Rhythm style. In 2003 she moved to Phoenix where she met Decho Kraev.
In just five short years they had a remarkably successful professional career including: 3 Times World Rhythm Champions, U.S. National Theatre Arts Champions, Ohio Star Ball Championships Theatrical Arts Champions, Blackpool Dance Festival Professional Invitation Exhibition Finalists, U.S. National Professional American Rhythm Champions,, Emerald Ball Champions, and Regular Finalists in all major U.S. and Open to the World Professional Events.

Bruno Collins
Highlights & Accolades
  • 13-time U.S. Theatrical Champion
  • 5-time World Theatrical Champion
  • 3-time Blackpool Exhibition Champion
  • Duel of the Giants Champion at the International Championships (2000)
  • 5-time U.S. American Rhythm Runner-Up
  • 5-time Fred Astaire American Rhythm Champion
  • 15 years on the Board of Directors of the American Ballroom Company
  • Vice-President of the American Ballroom Company since 2005

Bruno Collins

As a long time member and supporter of Fred Astaire Studios, Bruno has performed around the world, in competitions and shows, as both a star performer and champion. Currently Bruno can be seen judging competitions across the country. He also sits on the Board of Directors of American Ballroom Company, the organizers of the United States Dance Champions.

Corky Ballas
Highlights & Accolades
  • 10 time undefeated United States International Champion
  • 2 time Open to the World British International Latin Champion
  • Star, International, European & United Kingdom Champion
  • 3 time British National Champion
  • World International Latin Champion
  • Partnered with Oscar winner Cloris Leachman and America's Mother, Florence Henderson of the Brady Bunch, on ABC's smash reality show Dancing With The Stars
  • Super Bowl Diet Pepsi commercial with Sofia Vergara

Corky Ballas

Corky Ballas has been dancing literally since he was a baby His mother was a great and talented Flamenco dancer who together with Mr. Ballas owned and operated the largest dance studio in the United States. In 2008, Corky made a huge splash on the ABC hit television show Dancing With The Stars along with his Oscar winner partner Cloris Leachman.

Dan Rutherford
  • Professional American Rhythm U.S. Champions
  • Won every major championship in the United States
  • Performers on "America's Ballroom Challenge"
  • Invited to perform on TV Show "Dancing with the Stars"

Dan Rutherford

Dan studied jazz dance extensively from the age of five through his late teens.
At that time he began a career in ballroom and Latin dance. Dan has produced numerous champions throughout his career as a teacher and coach.
Dan has also danced on stage with numerous celebrities as a back up, chorus line and principal dancer in many productions. Dan is one of the top professionals in the United States.

David Kloss
  • United States 9 Dance Champion
  • United States American Ballroom Champion
  • United States Rising Star Standard Champion
  • 2 Time recipient of the Feather Award for Most Outstanding Dancer In The United States
  • Championships Won: Ohio Star Ball, Emerald Ball, Embassy Ball, Heritage Classic, Florida State, Le Classique, Sapphire Ball
  • Certified (Fellow) in American Smooth, and Rhythm, International Standard, and Latin.
  • World Class Adjudicator in Standard and Latin
  • Has Represented the United States in a World Championship as an Adjudicator

David Kloss

Donald Johnson
  • National Adjudicator
  • World Class Adjudicator
  • World Dance Championship Adjudicator
  • Chairman of Judges
  • DVIDA Regional Examiner
  • 1997 U.S. Pro Rising Star Latin Champion
  • 1997 U.S. Pro Rising Star Open to World Latin Champion
  • 1999 British Open Professional Latin Rising Star Champion (Blackpool Dance Festival)
  • 1997-2000 U.S. Professional Latin Grand Finalist

Donald Johnson

Having grown up under the tutelage of his dancing parents, Donald has been deeply involved in the dancing arena for over 40 years. Over the course of his career, he has earned a number of different titles, professional qualifications, and a great level of respect amongst his peers in the industry. Donald prides himself in his ability to share the love of dance with his students and mentees.

Edward Simon
Highlights & Accolades
  • United States American Ballroom Champion
  • World Classic Showdance Finalist
  • United States Theatrical Finalist
  • 1999 North American Dance Award for ?Favorite Couple of the Year?
  • Co Organizer of New York Dance Festival

Edward Simon

Eddie Simon is a former United States ballroom champion, world showdance and U.S. theatrical finalist. Simon received a North American Dance Award for the "Favorite Couple of the Year". He also returns to his hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, several times a year to coach and offer workshops at Dance New York's Iowa studio, as well as officiate at the annual Iowa Dancesport Challenge.

Forrest Vance
  • 5 Time Undefeated U.S. American Rhythm Champion
  • 2 Time U.S. Rising Star U.S. Latin Champion
  • 15 Time United States Ballroom Championship Top Teacher
  • 2010 Winner of Hanlon-Ford Award
  • 2011 Dancesport Series Top Teacher
  • 2012 Professional Hall of Fame Award

Forrest Vance

While Forrest is retired from dancing professional in ballroom dancing he is no stranger to the competition floor. Vance can be found teaching dance to others and competing Pro Am with his students all across the world. His one of a kind website is open to anyone who would like to learn ballroom dancing from this teacher whom has won many competitions and who is credited with pushing his dance style to the limit. For his teaching skills, Forrest Vance has been awarded top dance teacher at the United States Dance Championship for fifteen years.
His other Accomplishments include:
*7 Time Fred Astaire American Rhythm Champion
*4 Time Canadian American Rhythm Champion
*2 Time Fred Astaire International Latin Champion
*3 Time Triple Crown Campion
*3 Time Ohio Star Ball Champion
*5 Time Texas Challenge Champion

Gary McDonald
  • 9 times United States Professional Latin Finalists 1991-1999
  • 1992 United States Open Rising Star Latin Champions
  • 1992 United States National Rising Star Standard Champions
  • 3 times United States Standard Finalists 1995 1998 2000
  • Runner up British Open Rising Stars Latin Competition 1994
  • 8 times Undefeated United States 10 dance Champions 1993-2000
  • 1997 United States Professional Latin Champions
  • 1997 World Professional 10 dance Champions (becoming the first ever couple from North America to ever win a world title)

Gary McDonald

Gary started dancing at a very early age of 7. He is co-owner of the Rogers DanceSport Center in Fairfield, New Jersey. He has represented the United States at over 20 World Championships, both as an Amateur and Professional. He has hosted and performed at dance competitions televised on NBC, ESPN, A&E and PBS.

Heather Smith
Highlights & Accolades
  • 5 time United States Professional Ballroom Champions
  • 3 time North American Champions
  • Asian Pacific Professional Ballroom Champions
  • 5 time U.S. representatives to the World Championships

Heather Smith

Heather Smith enjoyed a successful amateur and professional career before teaming up in 1993 with Victor Veyrasset. They went on to become 5 time, undefeated U.S. Pro Ballroom Champions, 3 time Ohio Star Ball Champions, 3 time North American Champions, Asian Pacific Pro Ballroom Champions and 5 time U.S. representatives to the World Championships.

Igor Pilipenchuk

Igor Pilipenchuk

Igor Pilipenchuk, and wife Polina came to the United States from Belarus in 1994. Already dance instructors and Amateur dance champions in the former Soviet Union, they were introduced by some American friends to Glenis Dee, a Latin dance champion who ran a studio in Towson, Maryland and who was looking for a dancing couple to work for her. She sponsored the Pilipenchuks to come to America and has coached them since. In 1999, they took over Atlantic Ballroom.
Igor and Polina became U.S. Professional 10-Dance Champions in 2003, and held the title in 2004 as well. Incidentally, their son Nikolai and his partner Natalia Skorikova won the World Professional 10-Dance Championships in 2011.

  • 2 Times World Professional Ten Dance Champion
  • 5 Times US National and North American Prof. Ten Dance Champion
  • 4 Times US National Classical Showdance Champ
  • 2 Times World Professional Classical Showdance Finalists
  • World & European Formation Team Champion
Performing Credentials
  • So You Think You Can Dance - Season 8
  • Mtv's The Seven
  • Dancing With the Stars: Live in Vegas


Iveta Lukosiute was born in Lithuania where she learnt to dance from the age of six. When she was seventeen, she and her mum moved to America, and formed a professional partnership with Gherman Mustuc with whom she twice became the Ten Dance World Champions, as well as winning US National championship titles in Ten Dance and Showdance.

Karina Smirnoff
Highlights & Accolades
  • 5 time U.S. National Latin Champion
  • World Trophy Champion
  • Asian Open Champion
  • Featured dancer on "Dancing with the Stars"; Won season 13 with partner J.R. Martinez

Karina Smirnoff

Born in the Ukraine, Karina came to the U.S. with her family at age 12. She began ballet lessons at the age of 5 before moving on to figure skating which she studied for an additional five years. At the age of nine, Karina was introduced to ballroom dancing and fell in love with it.

After high school Karina graduated from Fordham University with a law degree but put her academic studies on hold to pursue her ballroom dancing career in the United Kingdom.

Karina and her former partner Slavik Kryklyvyy shared tremendous success winning the U.S. Championships and many other world titles and were ranked second in the world in the Latin division.

Lena Kosovich
  • 2004-2005 US American Smooth Ballroom Champion
  • 2005 World American Smooth Ballroom Champion
  • 2003-2005 US National Classic Showdance Champion
  • 2004-2005 World Classic Showdance Runners up
  • 2002 World Classic Showdance Finalist
  • 2 times World 10 Dance Semi Finalist
  • Representative to 9 World Championships
  • 50 + Professional American Ballroom and Showdance titles
  • Representative to 9 World Championships
  • 2004-2005 Most Popular Couple of the Year Award /North American Dance Awards- Ohio Star Ball

Lena Kosovich

Lena competed professionally with Nick Kosovich for 15 years. They have represented at 8 Professional World Championship events. Winning the World American Ballroom (Smooth) Championships, finishing 2nd in the 2004/2005 World Classic Showdance Championships and winning the United States American Ballroom (Smooth) Championships twice. They retired in 2005 from competing on the American and International circuit. They continue to be highly respected Lecturers, Coaches, World Championship Adjudicators and Demonstrators.

Marianne Nicole

Marianne Nicole

Marianne Nicole is former United States Rising Star American Style Champion, undefeated United States Theatre Arts Champion, North American International Latin Champion, Canadian Theatre Arts Champion, undefeated Fred Astaire American Style Champion, undefeated Fred Astaire Theatrical Champion, undefeated Fred Astaire International Latin Champion and World Latin Representative.

She is a World Class Adjudicator & Coach, Co-Organizer of the Capital Dancesport Championships, a National Examiner for the DVIDA Organization and former examiner for the Fred Astaire Dance Studio organization.

Martin Lamb
  • Holder of 14 regional championships in the UK
  • 1987 British Open Amateur Latin Champion
  • United Kingdom Amateur Latin Champion
  • International Amateur Latin Champion
  • World Cup Amateur Latin Champion
  • 1988 British Open Professional Rising Star Latin Champion
  • Japan International Professional Latin Champion
  • World Latin Professional representative
  • United Kingdom Professional 10 Dance Champion
  • World Professional 10 Dance Champion

Martin Lamb

Martin is an experienced technique specialist, competitive trainer and mind coach for professionals, amateurs and students in addition to lecturer, choreographer and world class Adjudicator. Martin has competed and taught all over the world at every level of dance.

Demonstrated in: UK, USA, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium Finland, Denmark, New Zealand, Iceland,
China, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Japan, Indonesia, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Hong Kong,
Canada, and Singapore

Marzena Stachura
Accolades & Highlights
  • Emerald Ball 2010- 2012
  • Nashville Starz 2010, 2011
  • City Lights Ball 2010
  • New York Dance Festival 2011
  • California Open 2010
  • Vegas Showdown 2010-2012
  • San Francisco Open 2010

Marzena Stachura

2010-2013 United States American Smooth Champion, 2010-2012 World American Smooth Champions, 2010-2012 World Cup Champion, 2009 & 2011 Grand National Champion, 2011 World American Smooth Showdance Champion, 2010 -2011 American Quickstep winner.

Michael Mead
Highlights & Accolades
  • 4 time, undefeated U.S. Ballroom Champions 1999 - 2002
  • Finalists in the Classic Showdance World Championships
  • Three time qualifiers as United States Representatives to the Classic Showdance World Championships
  • Top American Smooth Couple of the Year 1999 and 2000, PBS Championship Ballroom Dancing Winners
  • 1st Runners up in the 2001 United States Classic Showdance Championships
  • Featured dancers in the film "Dance with Me".

Michael Mead

Michael Mead spent his early years traveling with his family and attending schools overseas. At 18, done with school and unsure of what he wished to do professionally, Michael decided to try his hand at accounting. After quickly establishing that perhaps the last thing he wished was to spend the rest of his life auditing, Michael enrolled in a teacher training class at a local dance studio, and was offered a job after only six months of dance training.
The lust for travel instilled in Michael in his early years soon took hold, ultimately leading him to California, where he opened Londance, now one of the top competitive dance studios in the U.S., in Costa Mesa, California. Though Michael sold his ownership share in 1989 in order to concentrate on the serious pursuit of a competitive dance career, he continues to teach there (and at Champion Ballroom in San Diego) to this day.

Michael and his partner Toni Redpath formed a professional partnership and developed a unique style that ultimately led them to setting a record by winning the U.S. Open Championships 4 years in a row (undefeated throughout) before retiring from competition in 2002. On September 28th 2000, Toni and Michael were married on the island of Kauai, becoming partners in life as well as on the dance floor.

Currently Toni and Michael coach many of the U.S. top competitive couples, as well as judging for competitions and traveling the world doing shows.

Sveta Daly
Titles & Accomplishments
  • World Professional American Rhythm Finalist
  • U.S. Professional American Rhythm Finalist
  • World Professional American Rhythm Showdance Finalist
  • People's Choice Awards 2012
  • California Open Pro Rhythm Champions
  • San Francisco Open Pro Rhythm Champions
  • Vegas Open Pro Rhythm Champions
  • City Light Ball Pro Rhythm Champions
  • NYDF Pro Rhythm Champions
  • California Star Ball Pro Rhythm Champions
  • OCDC Pro Rhythm Champions
  • Nevada Star Ball Pro Rhythm Champions
  • World & European representatives in Latin and 10 *Dance Championships for Great Britain and Ukraine

Sveta Daly

Sveta Daly and her husband, Jason, are ranked as one of the top 6 Open Professional Rhythm Competitors in the World and USA today with over 45 years combined experience they have been lucky enough to be exposed to the top coaches, and have a wealth of experience at competing in every level internationally. One of the strengths that makes them sought-after coaches is their ability to relate to dancers of every level, having themselves begun competing as beginners and ultimately reaching the top of their field in Open Professional divisions. The results of their successful coaching style has earned them Top Teacher awards at many competitions including Desert Dancesport Classic, California Open, Emerald Ball, California Star Ball, and Embassy Ball.

Tomasz Lewandowski
  • US National Professional Latin Finalists
  • US National Professional Latin Showdance Champions *World Professional Latin Showdance Finalists
  • Winners of countless United States Championships

Tomasz Lewandowski

Thomas Lewandowski was born and grew up in Poland. He started his dance career at the age of 7 in both Latin and Standard. He achieved many titles.

Thomas and Izabella started dancing together in 1998 and decided to continue their training and competitive career in only the International Latin Style. In 2000 they decided to move to the U.S. and began their professional career together. Thomas and Izabella have traveled the World competing, performing shows and teaching.
In 2011 they decided to retire from competitive dancing, and are now focus their passionate love for dancing and their studio on teaching others, performing and judging competitions.

Currently living in Los Angeles, they are busy working on their brand new Dance Studio. In 2011 they decided to retire from competitive and are now focusing on teaching, performing and judging

Vibeke Toft
  • World Amateur Latin Champion
  • 2 Time European Amateur Latin Champion
  • US Open Professional Latin Champion
  • German Open Amateur Latin Champion
  • UK Open Amateur Latin Champion
  • International Amateur Latin Champion
  • British Open Rising Star Professional Latin Champion
  • French Open Professional Latin Champion
  • European Professional Latin Silver Medalist
  • 4th place in the British Open Professional Latin Championship

Vibeke Toft

Vibeke Toft (originally from Aarhus, Denmark) is a former Professional International Latin Dancer and is currently the head of the World Dance Council Education Department as well as a professional DanceSport instructor and lecturer.

As a competitor, Vibeke was extremely successful throughout her entire career. Representing Denmark with her partner Allan Tornsberg, they won the 1991 and 1992 European Amateur Latin Championships as well as The World Amateur Latin Championship in 1992. In May 1993, Allan and Vibeke danced their first competition together as a Professional couple and won the gold medal at the British Open Rising Star Professional Latin Championship.

After six months of professionally dancing together, Allan and Vibeke made the grand final at the German Open Professional Latin Championship. In 1994, they made their first Professional Latin World Championship final in Tokyo.

Vibeke Toft and Allan Tornsberg remained grand finalists in all major championships from 1993-1996. Some of their finest placings include being the silver medalists at the 1995 European Professional Latin Championship in Germany as well as the gold medalists at the 1995 French Open Professional Latin Championship.

In 1996, Vibeke Toft teamed up with Paul Killick.

In their first Professional competition, Paul and Vibeke were placed 4th in the British Open Professional Latin in Blackpool, England.

Vibeke and Allan Tornsbeg took the competitive floor one more time in 2002 with their final performance at the European Championship in St. Petersburg, Russia, taking fourth place.

As a professional DanceSport instructor, Vibeke Toft helps her student competitors get on the road to becoming champions all throughout the world. Currently, Vibeke trains DanceSport competitors in New York City.

Victor Fung & Anastasia Muravyeva
  • Blackpool Professional Standard Finalists 2010, 2011, 2012
  • World Professional Standard Finalists 2010, 2011, 2012
  • U.S. Professional Standard Runners Up 2010, 2011, 2012
  • UK Open Professional Standard Finalists 2010, 2011, 2012
  • International Open Professional Standard Finalists 2010, 2011, 2012

Victor Fung & Anastasia Muravyeva

Victor Fung is a 2 time World Professional Standard Finalist currently partnered with Anastasia Muravyeva.